The Road And Belt”brings Opportunity To Inland Heavy Industry

February 14, 2019

The deepening impact of the international financial crisis continues to show, the slow recovery of the world economy, the development of differentiation, the international investment and trade pattern and the multilateral investment trade rules brewing deep adjustment, and the development problems faced by all countries are still serious. To build “the belt and road” is to conform to the world multipolarization, economic globalization, cultural diversification, the trend of social information,uphold the spirit of the belt and road and open regional cooperation.way Spirit, committed to maintaining the global free trade system and the open world economy. To promote the economic elements of the orderly and free flow, efficient allocation of resources and the depth of market integration, to promote economic policy coordination across countries to carry out a wider range, higher level, deeper regional cooperation, and jointly build open , inclusive, balanced, Pratt & Whitney regional economic cooperation structure. It is in the fundamental interests of the international community to demonstrate the common aspiration and good pursuit of human society. It is an active exploration of international cooperation and a new model of global governance and will add new positive energy to the peaceful development of the world. [1]

To establish a comprehensive, multi-level, complex interoperability network, to achieve the diverse, autonomous, and multi-level, multi-level, multi-level, Balanced and sustainable development. The “inter-area” interconnection project will promote the docking and coupling of development strategies along the lines, explore the potential of the intraregional market, promote investment and consumption, create demand and employment, enhance the cultural exchanges and civilizations of the peoples of the countries People meet each other know each other, mutual trust and mutual respect, sharing harmony, peace, rich life.

Over the past 30 years, China’s reform and opening up business has made great achievements, but also the lack of top-level design, seeking no plot and do not pay attention to improving the international development environment and other issues, the urgent need to strengthen all aspects of reform and opening up the system integration. To open the reform is the basic experience of China’s reform and opening up, the secret of its success lies in the active integration into the world market for corporate governance, government governance to introduce external supervision to improve governance efficiency.

However, for more than 30 years, both the macro-view and the micro-level reform to create external supervision is not a real external supervision, supervision of the subject to a certain extent only the embodiment of the governor, not from the outside of the main management system, inefficient problem still To fundamentally solve the urgent need to fully deepen the reform. “the belt and road” strategy is not only the future of China’s opening up the general program, but also should be the total key of a comprehensive deepening reform . Through the integration of international governance and the transnational cooperation of state-owned enterprises, the implementation of the “one road” strategy is effective in avoiding the “Western experience” limitations and preventing the governance itself from being digested and adhered to the “four basic principles” China’s economic governance, state governance, social governance to further introduce from the governance system outside the main body of supervision, to create a strong and effective external supervision, fundamentally solve the problem of governance efficiency. At present, in the new economic situation and the reform of the “idle” situation, the urgent need to strengthen the “zone along the way” strategy to lead the construction of an open new economic system, comprehensive co-ordination to promote domestic reform and development in all areas, especially supply side reform. [9]

At present, the Chinese economy and the world economy are highly connected. China will adhere to the basic national policy of opening to the outside world, build a comprehensive open new pattern, and deeply integrate into the world economic system. Promote “building the belt and raod” is both China ‘s expansion and deepening strategy.

As for the practice of the policy , it has lasted for 3 years, we eyes the achievement that brings to the foreign trading ,especially to the central part of china , namely to Zhengzhou and other central provinces of China,we witness the steady growth of the export of all kinds of merchandise.we, as one of the export group of heavy machines, we take full advantage of such strategy to make our machines go global, and achieve a mutual benefit for both parties.